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4 Tips To Create An Effective LinkedIn Marketing Business PlanLinkedIn has become an extremely vital tool for employers, job seekers and recruiters around the globe. Businesses are searching for their next Vice President on it and individuals are shopping around for organizations they would like to work for. This is why it is so crucial for a company to have a well-built LinkedIn page. It not only creates great visibility for the business, but...

5 Tips to Creating a Successful Content-Marketing Campaign

The term “content marketing” has turned into a buzzword all across the Internet. Marsha Collier said, “Content has become a conglomeration of many things: webinars, blog posts, videos, social network shares and more. It sounds like a great idea. If done right, a well-executed digital campaign will yield considerable benefits for both established businesses and entrepreneurs. Such a strategy has the power to position a...

Last week Amazon announced the Fire Phone, it’s first smartphone.Amazon Fire: 6 Key Points Although their smartphone may convince consumers to purchase more goods from, they are pretty late in the smartphone game. Eric Zeman highlighted some pros to the Fire Phone, “The hardware is decent. It doesn’t compete with top smartphones, but its quality and features surpass those of many mid-range and entry-level competitors. It comes loaded...

How to Make Content Marketing Your Recruiting MachineBeing a recruiter in a 24/7 career. You are constantly thinking of who the best candidates are for your clients hiring needs. Sometimes you dream about it and often times you take these thoughts with you on vacation too. As recruiters, we get so caught up in making a deal happen today that we forget about how we can obtain an even bigger client tomorrow.

Marketing today is so different than it was two decades ago; it’s so different from even five years ago. Advanced technology and computers are the reason behind the marketing transformation. This chase has occurred because of cloud computing and the fact that computers are able to process a massive amount of data based on what customers do and what customers like. “ ‘The profile of...

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by jobsdrop

Company Name Status Action
Online grocery and delivery service Closely held; backed by Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai In December 2000, announced plans to shut down, lay off 334 employees
Online ad firm
Baltimore Closely held; backed by AOL and Reuters, among others In January 2001 announced plans to lay off 72 employees, or 25% of its staff
Internet consultant
New York Public In December 2000, laid off about 190 employees
Online marketer
Hayward, Calif. Closely held; pulled IPO in June 2000 Laid off 100 in September 2000; shut down its services in January 2001
Search engine
Palo Alto, Calif. Unit of CMGI Set plans in mid-September 2000 to lay off 200, or about one-quarter of staff; In January 2001, set plans to cut another 200 workers
Online retailer
Seattle Public …

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