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Digital Marketing Communication conceptual frameworks

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Title: Beyond the digital divide: a conceptual framework for analyzing knowledge societies
Article type: Conceptual paper
DOI: 10.11 (Permanent URL)
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Acknowledgements: The authors are part of an informal, irreverent knowledge research factory (styled on the Bourbaki group) at the Wee Kim Wee School. The findings reported in this article are part of their ongoing efforts to develop a formal understanding of knowledge management methods and policies. The authors are grateful to the participating Delphi panelists – in particular Ron Rice of UCSB – for their useful insights and feedback. The authors are also grateful to Rekha Jain of IIM-Ahmedabad and Laurent Elder of IDRC for their thoughtful review of an early draft which has led to a much improved paper. Many thanks are also due to Professor Francisco Javier Carrillo, the Guest Editor of this special issue, for his advice on the publication of this work.

Purpose – The research reported in this ongoing study aims to investigate the notion of knowledge assets developed within digital communities in the course of their economic or leisure activities. Ideally, the resulting knowledge is universal, affordable and relevant; this inclusiveness is a hallmark of any information or knowledge society.

Design/methodology/approach – The authors first synthesize the related research literature covering the areas of knowledge-based economies, knowledge societies and knowledge policies. A model using 13 dimensions is then developed, which the authors claim is critical for creating a knowledge community in the digital economy. The model is validated against critique from a Delphi panel of researchers in the area.


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