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Digital Marketing and multi-channel Communications

Marketing Automation: Does Size Really Matter?Regardless of the number of employees, most marketing departments face similar challenges: lack of resources, reach & insight. Read more…

You might think digital marketing is already “mainstream, ” but the bulk of marketing budgets still goes toward offline activities such as trade shows, radio, TV, and direct mail. According to a research study conducted in Australia and New Zealand, around 61% of marketing budgets is still spent on offline activities.

- The Distributed Marketing Disconnect -

Sales and marketing should go together like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately, many organizations experience friction between these two areas, especially when it comes to meeting goals and hitting sales numbers. Sales tends to blame marketing for lack of sales support and successful advertising campaigns, while marketing becomes frustrated with sales….

A few weeks ago, we posted a series about predictions in the marketing industry for 2014. The insights came from industry blogs and people calling themselves (or introduced as) experts in the field.Digital Marketing Power Yesterday, I found an interesting flip side to those posts: The results of a comprehensive survey by StrongView of marketing leaders’ actual plans for 2014 (and the accompanying infographic).

Right on Time: Timeliness is Key to Email Marketing What’s Your Thanksgiving Game Plan? Keeping Content Interesting: A Challenge of Distributed Marketing Marketing automation can be an impactful, key budget item for 2014

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by KennethKaniff

Graphic Designer
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Type: Full Time
Location: Corporate Office/Baton Rouge, LA
Description: The Junior Graphic Designer supports the AlwaysCare Group Marketing department through design and development of digital and print communications to inspire, inform and motivate.
Assist in planning, analyzing and creating visual solutions to communications opportunities.
Layout and design marketing brochures for products and services, ads, business proposals, promotional displays, newsletters, fliers, handouts, giveaways, and other communications

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